Customer Reviews

A Few Reviews From Our Customers Worldwide


"I received the shirt and many compliments on it! Thank you for your efforts. I hope your sales expand to include more of Virginia!"   Marshall...  Virginia, USA


"I received the gear today... much thanks! T-shirts are awesome and I certainly can't wait to show them off. I'll certainly spread the "Fear-None" word where I can. Cheers" Wayne... Canada


"The look and style of this clothing is so cool."  Kirk, WA


"Totally satisfied my friend. The T-shirts are great and the hoodie is fantastic. Great job. I love it. Thanks FEAR-NONE you guys are awesome."  Ray, USA


"Totally Cool"... Jessie, Dallas


"Just wanted to say how cool your shirt is. I wear it everyday and washes like new. Thanks FEAR-NONE."...  Louise, New York


"Received my order today thank you for the extra bracelets, my buddies loved them"...  Stacey S, USA


"Saw and got your stuff. Cool shit"...  LA


"It dont get any better than this for quality and coolness!"  SJ, UK


'Awesome Shirts. I have a whole bunch. Awesome.' Mike, NYC 

"Thank you so much for the extra-special attention you have given me as a customer!  That kind of personal attention from a business is almost unheard of these days.  My son loves the items. An extra special "Thank You". He was wearing the head wrap and arm bands both right away.


Again, thanks so much for your awesome customer service!  We will spread the word of your business whenever possible in Colorado!  I'm sure that your business will be blessed because of the integrity of your company! ...  Lisa B.


Wonderful design, styles and products. They stand up well to the heat, wet and sun over here!  The best I have ever worn and ridden with. They beat Harley hands down.  Ahmad, Dubai UAE


"Does biker gear get any cooler?  And made in USA to boot! Right on!..  Kevin D, North Dakota


"Love the shirt and cap. Use them on my ride every day rain or shine."   Iceman, Montana


"Thanks soooo much for the badass shirt! So American badass!"  Justin, Winnipeg Canada


"Finally, motorcycle clothing that does what it says. Takes the punishment and still looks like new. And made in Chicago..."   Russ, Madison


"I was skeptical after the glossy and pretty website pics, but it is REAL!  Use the shirt to walk the dog, ride my hog, and even do an oil change." Mike, Florida


"Thanks for the wonderful FEAR-NONE black shirt. Everybody notices the unique logo on the shoulder and has to ask about it. Cool!"  Stacey, Chicago


"Been wearing FEAR-NONE for about 1 year and I have to say its great stuff. Wash after wash and still looks really good. Takes punishment really well.

Glad its American made."...  Roger, Springfield Mo


"Wife bought me the windbreaker for my birthday. Looks fancy but I found out its as tough as nails. Maybe tougher! Great for all weather riding, no wind or rain gets in and I stay dry and warm.  Buddies bought one also. D#@% good stuff! FEAR-NONE."   Jack, Dayton, Ohio


"Love this clothing called FEAR-NONE. First class quality, design, and service. What an American brand should be!"  Geoff, Winnipeg Canada


"Service Great. Product Great. Made in USA even Better!...  Sam, San Bruno, CA


"Made for bikers by bikers. This gear is for pros who love the road and want stuff that can take it.

I do alot of highway miles and my FEAR-NONE goes everywhere with me. It's an attitude!" Jeff, Al


"Thank you very much FEAR-NONE. I really love your products. My girlfriend bought me a couple of your shirts and a beanie for Christmas. Thanks again. Your shirts are the best!"  RS, USA


"I adore your website and brand Fear None of Chicago! WOOOOW!!!! My boyfriend is also seriously freaking! What an awesome, heart stopping brand especially me coming from Logan!"  Sandy P, Denver


"Got my gear so awesome I will post pic soon. If ur every looking for help let me no I'd love to join your wonderful brand." Jen Jen


"The shirt came in today. For no other way to say it "AWESOME"!


"I'll get a pic wearing it on the bike and send it to you. Thanx a bunch. I'll b checking Ur site out for more kool stuff. Thanx again!"  L. Edwards


"So cool, So American! Great quality all around for all the gear I have from FEAR-NONE. Awesome!!!"  Paul, London UK


"Great products. Shirts are thick and very well-made." Perry, USA